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Tops of Dongguan

1. Dongguan is the biggest global manufacturing base of parts and periphery of PC.
Over 2800 enterprises are engaged in IT industry, 95% of the PC components can be locally purchased.

2. The first international fashion fair held by a town in China
China (Humen) international fashion fair has achieved a transaction turnover of 200 million, Humen Town becomes "Chinese famous fashion city".

3. Dongguan is the biggest manufacturing base of furniture by foreign investment.
Foreign investment furniture enterprises in Dalingshan town have exported furniture with a turnover of 140 million, which is one-fifth of total export amount of foreign investment furniture enterprises in China.

4. Only Guangdong Fortune NSCI Polarizing Device Co., Ltd. Can produce polarized lenses in China.

5. The biggest professional plant of copper clad laminate in China
The annual copper clad laminate production output of Guangdong Shengyi Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. is one-quarter of the total output in China.

6. The first Taiwanese kids school in China mainland
Dongguan Taiwanese Kids School was built in Nov. 1999, it is the first Taiwanese kids school in China mainland.

7. Dongguan is China's biggest wooly supplying and manufacturing base
The annual wooly production capacity in Dalang town is about 100 million, they are not only popular all over China, but also export to over 10 countries and regions such as European Union countries, America, Russia, Japan, Hongkong etc.

8. Humen bridge is 15.76 kilometer long, it is the longest steel suspension girder bridge in China.

9. Up to 2000, Dongguan 2519 kilometers long highway in, the density of the road is 98.6 kilometers every one hundred square kilometers.

10. The first urban and rural digital program-controlled telephone exchange network was built in 1987, telecommunication services to 250 cities and over 150 countries and regions were provided in the same year.

11. Fenggang Customs Checkpoint is a new inspection area for freight trucks direct to Hong Kong and Macao, it can handle 2443 trucks daily, the peak amounts to 3984 trucks.

12. The largest inland port in south China
Xinsha Port is located in Machong Town, which is the largest inland port, it consists of ten berths for 35, 000 tons vessels.

13. The first processing with supplied materials enterprise in China
The first processing with supplied materials enterprise – Dongguan Taiping Handbag Factory was found on Sep. 15th, 1978.

14. Total foreign trade volume in Dongguan is USD108.7 billion from 1996 to 2002, it ranks NO.3 in China for seven consecutive years just after Shenzhen and Shanghai.

15. The biggest Taiwan businessman association in China
Dongguan Taiwan Businessman Association was founded on October 29, th, 1993, with members of 2833, it is the biggest Taiwan businessman association in China.