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About Dongguan

Dongguan is situated in the middle south of Guangdong province, on the east bank of Pearl River, bordering Guangzhou in the north and Shenzhen in the south. It is an unavoidable place for the waterway and highway transportation from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. In 1985, it was established as a city to replace the county, and in January 1988, promoted to be a prefecture-level city. Dongguan' s economy is outbound on the whole, especially its industry which can' t do without the international market in respect of funding, raw materials and product sales.

Dongguan has formed an industrial system of fairly completed industrial categories with electronic information and manufacturing industries as the leaders. A batch of technology-intensified, and high value-added sectors represented by communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing have become Dongguan' s leading industries. Its manufacturing industry has solid foundations and complete industrial system. Dongguan is one of the largest manufacturing bases in the world, with the total manufacturing production value accounting for 90% of the gross industrial output value of enterprises above designated size, thus forming the modern industrial system which bases on the eight pillar industries of electronic information, electric machinery, textiles and garment, furniture, toys, paper making and paper ware, food and beverage, and chemical making.

2008 GDP RMB 370.253 billion
2008 Per capita disposable income RMB 30,275
Area 2,465sq km
Population 6,947,200
Administrative division 28 townships and 4 civil parishes
About Dongguan
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