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Famous Sight & Recreation

Places to Visit

Places to Visit

Dongguan is a famous city in South China with a history of 5000 years.

Dongguan has many places of interest. More than 150 years ago, the Incineration of Opium during the Opium War took place in Human, a town of Dongguan, which symbolized the beginning of China's modern history. The Humen Opium War battlefield relic is the most complete ancient battlefield in the world. The historic relics like Humen Opium Burning Pond, Shajiao and Weiyuan Fort Sites are well known to the world. Besides, Dongguan has many ancient cultural sites dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the Keyuan Garden, one of the four most famous gardens in Guangdong Province, Jin'aozhou Pagoda and Yuan Chonghuan's former home of Ming dynasty, Huangqi Ancient Temple in Song Dynasty. You can also be fascinated by charming sceneries in Dongguan, such as the seascape, fields of crops and banana trees, hills of ripe lichee trees, rivers with floating lotus etc.


Various Facilities for Business, Traveling and Leisure

In Dongguan, you can make use of a lot of facilities for business activities. There are 6 five-star hotels, 9 four-star hotels and more than 350 luxury hotels in Dongguan, another 7 five-star hotels are under construction, so it is very convenient for accommodation of tourist and businessmen. Various services including banking, lawyer, accounting, consulting and telecom services are available everywhere in Dongguan. If you live in Dongguan, you will find it is very convenient in shopping and entertainment, there are a lot of high-level housings, villas, supermarkets, theatres, parks, gymnasium, golf, tennis, and other sport facilities.

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